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Pet Earth is a simple Earth sim experiment I started in a game jam and continued working on for a couple of days afterwards. It's supposed to simulate the earth as humans spread and change the climate. Unfortunately, I never got the formulas to work the way I wanted to and ultimately gave up on it to work on other things. However, it still looks nice and can be a fun little distraction that runs in the background.

The game basically runs itself and is supposed to run windowed in the background. You can watch as human settlements (red dots) spread and grow, increasing the carbon dioxide, temperature, and ocean acidity. To slow this process you can right click on the earth surface to create natural disasters (red-transparent domes) that decimate humans in their vicinity (not all though, as they are pretty tenacious little buggers).

There is no save system, so you will have to start again each time!


  • Left click to toggle earth spin (has no effect on simulation)
  • Left click + drag to turn earth any way you like (also no effect on simulation)
  • Right click to spawn disaster
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Authorsdr.hackenstein, Hypnotic Owl
Tags3D, Experimental, minigames, Unity


PetEarth.zip 29 MB

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