A downloadable game for Windows

Control two exorcists to banish wandering souls by cornering them.

Exorcists get scared when they are near ghosts and run away when they are too frightened. Keep them close together to alleviate their fears. Banish both ghosts to win.

This is the brand new and improved version. Not the mess that I uploaded for the jam. Still short, but way less buggy!

Update 1.2: Added graphical effects & settings menu!


TheExorcists.zip 17 MB
TheExorcists 1.2.zip 18 MB


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i digged the artstile and professional look of the game, but was failing to understand how to go about cornering the ghosts, as the walkingpatterns were not clear to me.

i wouldve liked maybe an auto level, as this couldve easily been my favourite game of this jam.

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Yeah, it's a bit of a mess, but thanks for the compliment! I was planning on something very different and had to settle multiple times on something smaller until I got to that point, but then I already had wasted too much time to add random rooms and multiple levels. I might add them later on. I kinda want to see where this can go with a little more effort. Although it's hacked so crudely together, I might just rewrite everything...

Anyways: To corner the ghosts try catching them between the bookshelves. Block both exists and then navigate the characters so the ghost has just 2 spaces to go. Then it will vanish. I'll add a screenshot to make it easier to understand :)

Edit: Okay, right now it's much harder than I intended it to be, oldschool hard. I'll balance it a bit better, when I pick it up again.

defenetly leave me a comment when you do decide to polish the whole thing, I do think that the idea itself, with some interesting dialogue and backstory. And of course, better and more diverse gameplay.

New improved version uploaded ;)